Bathroom Re-do {sharing a fav neutral paint color}


Our main bathroom has been a work-in-progress for a looong time. It’s a project that has not been high on the priority list (that’s a direct quote from my practical husband).

We finally finished it a few weeks ago! I really wish I had a photo of the room when we moved in. It was pretty terrible. Think dark fake wood paneling, dark wood cabinets, old nasty tub, peeling vinyl floor.

When we moved in to the house nine years ago, we painted the paneled walls, cabinets, and put in new flooring. Recently, we put in a new tub, tore out the paneling and had the walls dry-walled, and put in a new cultured marble countertop.bathroom3 bathroom5

It’s a small space with just one sink, but it feels so much bigger now! I tried a new paint color for the walls and I am really loving it. The wall color is Sherwin Williams Stone Isle. And it’s a great neutral color! I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a true light gray that doesn’t read blue, like so many other gray colors do. And I really like that it’s very light and makes the small room feel airy.bathroom2 bathroom8

Of course I had to create some wall art for the space!bathroom4 bathroom9

Most of the finishes I chose in the room are pretty neutral, because we are house hunting (eeeekkk) and will be selling our house in the near future. We are busy finishing up some house projects that have been on the back burner for too long.
bathroom10House hunting has been exciting but also nerve-wracking. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to find time to pack and move! We would love to find a larger property with lots of room for the kids to play outside and also have a much larger shop and studio for our business. And we’d love to renovate a fixer-upper home again. We are in the beginning stages of house hunting, so stay tuned!

Minted {giveaway}

Have you heard of Minted? It’s a website that offers a huge selection of beautiful artwork and custom stationary. One of my favorite artists, Emily Jeffords, has a line of art available through the website. minted1Some other favorite art prints include this one by Betty Hatchett.minted2And this art print by Erin Beutel.minted3Minted has a new line of wedding stationary that is just gorgeous. If you are planning a wedding, you should definitely check them out.minted3

I get lost looking through all of Minted products. I’m a little bit obsessed with stationary and prints. Here are some more I’m loving.minted4minted5minted7

And today I have a fun giveaway for you! Minted has generously agreed to give our winner a $50 gift certificate for their shop.

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Sawyer’s surgery details

I thought I’d give some details on Sawyer’s cleft lip surgery, in case you are interested. In the days leading up to the surgery and that morning, I was worried and a bit anxious about it. Not only that Sawyer would have to be put through pain, but that we would lose a part of him. His cleft lip was part of what made him Sawyer, and he would come out of the surgery looking different. He wouldn’t look the same Sawyer that we had fell in love with. I was surprised by all those feelings that I suddenly had. Our pastor reminded me the morning of the surgery that he will still have his same fun-loving, resilient spirit and the surgery wouldn’t take that away. I realize that it’s a very necessary surgery and obviously it is hugely beneficial for him, but there are still feelings of loss for me. It probably doesn’t make much sense unless you’ve gone through something similar.

We woke up very early and arrived at Hershey Medical Center Wednesday morning. Since Sawyer couldn’t have anything to eat since the day before, it was a little bit difficult to get his mind distracted and off food, but he did really well getting ready for the surgery.

The nurses got a kick out of him. He is so funny and likes to order them around.

The surgery took about four and a half hours. We were told it would take two hours, so it was a little bit stressful not knowing why it was taking so long.

Immediately after the surgery, we talked to the surgeon and he is said everything went perfectly. It took longer because there was scar tissue to deal with from Sawyer’s previous surgery, and the surgeon was very careful to take his time and do the best job that he could. Sawyer also got ear tubes put in right after his lip surgery.

We were able to see him right away in the recovery room. And just like when we visited the orphanage, he reached for me and I was able to comfort him. It was so special We were in recovery for about an hour and were able to come home later that afternoon.

The surgeon did an AMAZING job on his mouth. It was remarkable to see how carefully his mouth was repaired.Sawyer9

When we got home all he wanted to do was run around and play with his toys, even though he was extremely tired. He is a very determined and upbeat little boy. I was completely amazed at how well he did.

The next photos were taken yesterday. Every day since the surgery, his mouth has gotten more swollen and bruised, which is normal. It will take a while for the swelling to go down. Smiling is difficult, but he tries!
Sawyer4 Sawyer1 Sawyer3Except for a few moments of pain, especially when he first wakes up, he has done remarkably well. He is playing just like he normally did. He’s on a soft food diet, but just like before the surgery, he constantly wants to eat.

Our little boy is so resilient and full of life, and I am so thankful for the medical care available to us. As I am writing, he is running around the house laughing with his brother and sister. There are no words to express my gratitude that Sawyer is a part of our lives. He is awesome.

Surgery Update

I just wanted to pop in here really quickly and let you know that Sawyer’s surgery yesterday went incredibly well! I’ll give more details tomorrow, but for now, here is a photo of Sawyer immediately after surgery in his recovery room.IMG_5343We are AMAZED and in awe of God’s hand in our lives! He is so faithful.

It’s surgery day

This morning Sawyer is having his cleft lip surgery. He had a surgery a year ago in China, but it was unsuccessful for reasons that aren’t clear. He likely got an infection and wasn’t treated properly or in a timely way, and his lip opened up again. It makes me so sad to think he didn’t have a family to take care of him after his first surgery. The people at the orphanage told us that “he cried too much” after the surgery and that’s why his lip opened up. So heartbreaking.
sawyer surgery1

I took these pictures yesterday as he and Jack ran around and played outside, his favorite place to be.
sawyer surgery2 sawyer surgery3

Sawyer loves to give hugs, and he gives little pats on your back that just make you melt. He is a sweetheart.sawyer surgery4 sawyer surgery5He is having surgery at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center and is receiving the best care possible. It is an outpatient surgery and the doctors are optimistic that his recovery will go well. The surgeon will pull together the muscles above his lip to close the gap, and he’ll create a top lip for Sawyer. In about three months, he will have another surgery to repair his palate (the roof of his mouth), which is a bit more involved.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for our brave little guy! He is teaching us so much about resilience and joy in the midst of pain. I am so proud to be his mama!