Hand-Stamped Washer Necklace DIY

Last week when I had my team over for a little post-holiday party, we did some crafting in the studio and created these super-easy necklaces made from hardware store washers.

You don’t need a lot of supplies for this project. Here is what I used:

-Steel stamp kit (I bought this one at Hobby Lobby)


-Black marker

-30″ ball chain necklace

-A large and small washer from the hardware store

Here is the tutorial I followed.


And below is another version I created. I added a feather charm and just used a large washer.necklace4 necklace5

So fun, right? I decided to choose a word for 2015 for myself and it is “TRUST”. This year I’m needing to trust God more than I ever have before. Trusting Him for my business, for the changes that will be coming with bringing our little guy home, trusting that He is in control and is more than capable of taking care of our family.

Recent Custom Signs

Here are a few custom signs I’ve created in the past few weeks…

sign come to me1

sign come to me3

Many of the signs we make are custom signs, and I really enjoy working on them! The sign below was a gift given to a dad and it listed all the baseball parks he has visited. Cool idea, right?sign fields of dreams1

sign I am the bread2

sign I love you more than all the stars

sign I want to ride

sign the lord will work out1sign my grace1I am so honored that my customers entrust me to create these personalized signs for their homes. Truly, it is an honor to be a part of their homes and I love it!

Adoption Update

Happy snowy Monday! Things have been moving along with our adoption, and I thought I’d give you a little update on where we are at in the process, in case you are interested.

We are currently in “LOA”, which means that we have been approved by China to adopt our little guy. From what I’ve heard, this process can take up to three months, but our LOA (letter of approval) was processed only six days after we were matched, which was really surprising, and we are so thankful!

So now we are waiting to get our immigration papers (I-800 forms) approved. We should get them in the next week. Some things we need to work on:

-Get immunized

-Continue to work on our adoption training and education. We need to have 10 hours completed by the time we travel, and there are some books that our agency requires us to read.

-Get fingerprints done again

-Send a care package to our little boy

-Meet with the doctors at the cleft palate clinic

-Start visa paperwork

It’s looking like we will be traveling in April, which does not seem that far away! The nesting instinct is kicking in, and I’m getting the urge to organize everything in sight. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but Avery will be traveling with us to China and she is so excited!

PicMonkey CollageIn just a few months he will be in our arms! What a surreal feeling!!

My Team

I mentioned before that I have an amazing team who helps me with Aimee Weaver Designs. They are all talented ladies, and I truly could not have grown my business without their help. They encourage me when I feel overwhelmed and are always willing to go the extra mile. We are so blessed to have them on our team! I love these girls so much.

Aimee Weaver Blog (6)

Last night we had a fun little post-holiday party at my house to celebrate the past year. I had SO MUCH FUN getting ready! Prepping for parties is something that relaxes me and makes my creativity flow. I used what I had on hand to decorate the table. Old jars, candles, pinecones, baker’s twine, fresh greens…my staples.Aimee Weaver Blog (2)Aimee Weaver BlogAimee Weaver Blog (8)Aimee Weaver Blog (3)Aimee Weaver Blog (7)

My sister’s coffee shop and my mom made the food, and we had a fun little hot chocolate bar.Aimee Weaver Blog (9) Aimee Weaver Blog (4)(Hot chocolate bar printable and labels can be found here)

We did a little crafting in the studio after eating, and I’ll show you what we made in an upcoming post. Eating delicious food and crafting are pretty much my favorite things, so it was a great night!

What I’ve Been Wearing

I’m joining The Pleated Poppy this morning for “What I Wore Wednesday”. These are a few outfits I’ve been wearing lately. Did I ever tell you that my 8 year old is my photographer? That’s how professional I am, people. Be amazed.wiwb3 wiwb4 wiwb5

blazer, shirt, jeans: target clearance  /  shoes: goodwill  / scarf: old navy

wiwa2 wiwa3

sweater: target clearance  /  skirt: ann taylor loft clearance  / shoes: ross

I’ve gotten quite a few killer deals in the clearance section of Target lately. I haven’t had time to thrift as much as I’d like, but I’m itching to hit a few Goodwill stores again. So many deals, so little time!

New Signs in Shop!

Happy Friday! I added a few new signs in the shop for 2015! And like most new signs, they are my current favorites.

sign love is the only1

The “Love is the only true adventure” sign is available here.

I grew up with the water and the ocean being a big part of my life, and the sign below is one of my favorite scriptures. It reminds me of God’s never-ending, never-failing love for me. No matter where I go, He is there and He is on my side.
sign if i take 1 sign if i take 4You can find the “If I take the wings of the morning” sign in my shop here.

My current lead-time for signs is around 7 weeks, which is longer than normal, but we are still catching up on the holiday rush of orders. Thank you for your support of our little shop! We are so grateful to our customers!!

Have a great weekend friends!

Oversized Framed Diary Page

I’m all about hanging personalized artwork in my house. I needed something for this corner of the family room, so I decided to take a page from my grandmother’s diary and enlarge it. I got it printed as an engineering print through Staples, and hung it in a frame from Ikea.Aimee Weaver Blog Oversized Diary Page 1 Aimee Weaver Blog Oversized Diary Page 3 Aimee Weaver Blog Oversized Diary Page 6

I didn’t get to know my grandmother before she died. She was my mom’s mother and lived in rural Ohio. It was interesting reading her diary and catching a glimpse of her life. She was Amish and most of her days were spent sewing, gardening, cooking and baking. I wish I could remember her.
Aimee Weaver Blog Oversized Diary Page 8 Aimee Weaver Blog Oversized Diary Page 9

This is such a simple way to personalize artwork. You could use a page from a book, or a graduation certificate, or any other important or special paper that you want to remember.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Scan your document and save on your computer.

2. Upload the image to Staples Copy & Print section of their website here and choose “Engineering Print”.

3. Select the size you want. They come in 18″ x 24″, 24″ x 36″, and 36″ x 48″ and they don’t cost more than $8.

4. You can have the print delivered or you can pick it up at a store for free.

5. Cut the image to size if needed and frame.

If you don’t want to do the scanning yourself, you can take the document into a copy/print store and they will do it for you.Aimee Weaver Blog Oversized Diary Page 4