Catching Up


We are in the midst of a deep freeze and I am dreaming (DREAMING, I tell you) of warmer days and bare feet and green grass. It’s been so long that it almost seems impossible. I saw a picture of someone in Maui on Instagram and I’m all, how it is possible that somewhere in the world it is WARM, and they are wearing swimsuits. I mean. Meanwhile, I am bundled up with layers + blankets + children and I’m STILL cold.

Ok, rant over.

IMG_0522 I went fabric shopping last week and remembered how much I love it. It is seriously inspiring. All the colors and patterns. LOVE. I bought some boring white fabric to make some pillows for the bedroom that I’m planning on embellishing with gold metallic fabric paint. It sounds cool. Hopefully it will turn out the way I’m picturing it in my head.

IMG_0477 This weekend I baked a pretty awesome cake. I am a chocolate girl all the way, and this was perfection. Find the recipe here. Want to see more recipes that I’ve tried and loved?  Follow my Pinterest board.IMG_0492 I baked the cake for a wine and cheese party thrown by some friends. The spread was heavenly and tasted amazing.

IMG_0502I’ve been nesting like crazy, which means the house is getting ORGANIZED. I tore the studio apart last week and put it back together (my favorite thing to do), and got rid of a bunch of things in the attic. It doesn’t look quite as scary up there anymore.

We are still likely going to be traveling to China in April to bring our little boy home, but we won’t find out exact dates for a few more weeks when we get our travel invitation from China. This mama is getting antsy. It will be so nice when we know the dates and have a more definite timeline! Until then, we are getting prepared and praying hard for our sweet little guy!

World Market Map

Are you one of those people who puts something on your walls and keeps it up for ten years? If you are, then I am the opposite of you.

I wrote about the oversized diary artwork a few weeks ago and have already changed up the wall in my family room. What is my problem? It’s like I don’t have anything else to do.

But really, when someone gives you a map of France as a gift, you are going to find a place to hang it in the most prominent spot in your house BECAUSE YOU LOVE IT SO MUCH. Or is it just me?

map1 map3 map4

I’m not sure what it is about maps that gets me all excited. I just love them. It reminds me of travel, adventure, memories and possibilities.

map5My sister-in-law Heather gave me this map for Christmas, and it’s from World Market. I tried to find it online, but it wasn’t available. Maybe it’s still available in their stores though?

It’s the weekend! I hope wherever you are is warmer than where I am. It’s currently a balmy 5 degrees. For the love.

New Signs

Happy Monday, friends! We’ve added quite a few new signs to the website this week and I thought I would share them here!Grow old along with me...wood sign by Aimee Weaver DesignsAll things work together...wood sign by Aimee Weaver DesignsAs for me and my house...wood sign by Aimee Weaver DesignsI love thee...wood sign by Aimee Weaver Designs I love you more than all the stars...wood sign by Aimee Weaver Designs Love each other with great affection...wood sign by Aimee Weaver Designs Memories...wood sign by Aimee Weaver Designs The greatest of these...wood sign by Aimee Weaver Designs This corner of the earth smiles at me wood sign by Aimee Weaver Designs

The signs are available through my website:

I hope you will have a great week! Mine will include trying to stay warm in the zero degree temperatures, more snow (warm weather come quickly!), working on new business cards, trying to check off some of my nesting-to-do list (which includes cleaning out the attic – YUK), and an Oscar party on Sunday night that I convinced my sister-in-law to throw (I’m all about the red carpet).

Have a good one!


This blog post idea is borrowed from Emily. It’s just randoms about what is going on currently in my life.

LOVING // Emily Jefford’s beautiful artwork. I just found her recently and am so inspired by not only her artwork but the way she runs her business. You need to check out her paintings.


READING // right now lots of book on caring for adoptive children… “Parenting the Hurt Child” by Gregory Keck & Regina Kupencky, “The Connected Child” by Karyn Purvis, and “Becoming a Family: Promoting Healthy Attachments with Your Adoptive Child” by Lark Eshleman are some of the books I’ve just read or am in the process of reading.

WAITING FOR // our travel dates to China. We won’t know when exactly we travel until 2-3 weeks before we leave, so it will be rather last-minute. I cannot wait to find out!

EXCITED ABOUT // some new sign designs that I’ve been working on. I go through creative spurts and dry spells and right now the creativity is flowing.

TRYING TO // eat better and work out.  Blah.  I was doing well with it last year but somewhere around fall I lost motivation and just stopped. This week I finally put my big-girl pants on and am trying to eat at least three salads per week for lunch and work out at least three times a week. My favorite way to work out is pilates first thing in the morning.

FullSizeRender (2)

WORKING ON // ideas for some paintings on canvas. It’s funny how ideas formulate in my brain and stay there until I can create something out of them. The ideas won’t leave until I’ve done something with them. I like this part of the process where the ideas are just swimming and working themselves out.

WEARING // too many old t-shirts and jeans. I’ve been home a lot lately and haven’t had a reason to try very hard.

PLANNING // how I’m going to manage the business after our youngest comes home. It will be a challenge for sure, but I’m taking steps to make things easier for myself.

LEARNING // that taking care of myself needs to be a higher priority than it has been.

DREAMING OF // sunshine and slow summer days. I love living in a place that has four seasons, but I’m ready for warmer weather and some vitamin D.

FullSizeRender (3)

Hand-Stamped Washer Necklace DIY

Last week when I had my team over for a little post-holiday party, we did some crafting in the studio and created these super-easy necklaces made from hardware store washers.

You don’t need a lot of supplies for this project. Here is what I used:

-Steel stamp kit (I bought this one at Hobby Lobby)


-Black marker

-30″ ball chain necklace

-A large and small washer from the hardware store

Here is the tutorial I followed.


And below is another version I created. I added a feather charm and just used a large washer.necklace4 necklace5

So fun, right? I decided to choose a word for 2015 for myself and it is “TRUST”. This year I’m needing to trust God more than I ever have before. Trusting Him for my business, for the changes that will be coming with bringing our little guy home, trusting that He is in control and is more than capable of taking care of our family.

Recent Custom Signs

Here are a few custom signs I’ve created in the past few weeks…

sign come to me1

sign come to me3

Many of the signs we make are custom signs, and I really enjoy working on them! The sign below was a gift given to a dad and it listed all the baseball parks he has visited. Cool idea, right?sign fields of dreams1

sign I am the bread2

sign I love you more than all the stars

sign I want to ride

sign the lord will work out1sign my grace1I am so honored that my customers entrust me to create these personalized signs for their homes. Truly, it is an honor to be a part of their homes and I love it!

Adoption Update

Happy snowy Monday! Things have been moving along with our adoption, and I thought I’d give you a little update on where we are at in the process, in case you are interested.

We are currently in “LOA”, which means that we have been approved by China to adopt our little guy. From what I’ve heard, this process can take up to three months, but our LOA (letter of approval) was processed only six days after we were matched, which was really surprising, and we are so thankful!

So now we are waiting to get our immigration papers (I-800 forms) approved. We should get them in the next week. Some things we need to work on:

-Get immunized

-Continue to work on our adoption training and education. We need to have 10 hours completed by the time we travel, and there are some books that our agency requires us to read.

-Get fingerprints done again

-Send a care package to our little boy

-Meet with the doctors at the cleft palate clinic

-Start visa paperwork

It’s looking like we will be traveling in April, which does not seem that far away! The nesting instinct is kicking in, and I’m getting the urge to organize everything in sight. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but Avery will be traveling with us to China and she is so excited!

PicMonkey CollageIn just a few months he will be in our arms! What a surreal feeling!!