Wrapping up the week


Since I spent last weekend traveling with my two littles, I felt a bit behind this week and had to hustle to keep up with house work and business stuff. The kiddos are in their second week of a new school and are loving it so far! We are getting adjusted to having a new schedule and new routines. The air feels a little bit cooler. Fall is quickly coming.

This weekend we are going out to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and it has been at least six months since hubs and I have gone out without the kids. It’s probably been longer than that, but I’m too tired to double check. Hence the need to GO OUT WITHOUT THE KIDS. It’s about time.

Some links for you to check out //

During my road trip last week, I spent most of the 14 driving hours listening to the Serial podcast. It is addicting and so fascinating.

I’m thinking about getting the Get To Work Book next year to use as my day planner. It looks like it would work well for me.

I follow Amy Tan on YouTube and always get inspiration from her.

Once again, the Nester is right on.

Porchswings n’ Honeysuckle


I spent the weekend in Ohio this weekend visiting extended family, and I got the chance to meet my blogger friend turned real-life friend Mary. And it was such a treat.ohio8

The thing I love most about Mary is that she builds things. Like, actual furniture. With her own hands and power tools. She is amazing. And, as you’ll see, her house is beautiful. She is the queen of turning trash into treasure.ohio2 ohio3 ohio4 ohio5 ohio6

She and her husband built this adorable potting shed using old windows and reclaimed wood.ohio7

You can visit Mary’s blog here where she shares all kinds of home and furniture makeovers. She is as sweet as she is talented. Thanks for opening up your home to me Mary!

Wrapping up the week

School officially began on Wednesday! Jack starts first grade and Avery starts fourth. Because of our move, they are attending a new school this year and are loving it so far! I’m heading to Ohio today with my two littlest for some much needed extended-family time. Catching up with cousins and aunts will be so fun. Seven hours in a car with a two and four year old? Not so much. Wish me luck.PicMonkey Collage

Here are some links you may want to check out. //

A very touching tribute by Kathie Lee Gifford to her late husband.

Emily Freeman’s new book released this week! I loved meeting her at her sister’s home last year and am looking forward to reading her latest book.

Reese Witherspoon is starting a new lifestyle brand called Draper James. Everything has a really cute Southern feel.

I’m currently addicted to Fixer Upper and am getting lots of ideas for our new property. Chip and Joanna crack me up.

So, we bought an orchard

Things have been exciting around here these days! We were house hunting for about a month, and we hadn’t been able to find anything that fit all of our criteria until we found The Property a few weeks ago. house1

It has several acres of land that includes an orchard with about 50 trees. I’ve always had a fascination with orchards, so that is so fun! The Property also has a small barn for a horse that we hope to have in the future. And a large shop for hubs to work in. The number one reason we are selling our current home is because we desperately need more space for our growing business.

The house is a cape cod style home in need of a serious face lift, which was exactly what we were looking for. It has good bones and a cute shape, but it needs some new colors and details added to give it more character.

house5 house2 house3 house7house6

The kitchen is one of the first renovations that we will tackle, and I cannot even tell you how excited I am about it. I am pinning all the pins and have so many thoughts about it, I can’t even sleep. It’s ridiculous. I am in love with the brick (it will probably get white washed), and the kitchen is actually a pretty good size. I can’t wait to make it feel like our’s.

Before we move in, we’re planning on working on the family room (lots of painting). I’m not sure yet how I feel about the fireplace. The mantel for sure needs to be lowered. The floors in the house are mostly hardwoods that are in really good shape.house9

The Property includes this mini greenhouse. How fun is that? I feel like I need to start being more of an outdoorsy, garden-loving person to live here. I love working outside but haven’t had time for it the past few years. I hope to change that.house11 house10

The Property is about 30 minutes away from where we live now, which is a bit further than we wanted to be from most of our family and friends, so we will be driving a lot more than we do now. It’s in a really pretty area surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and horse farms.

We are planning on moving in October and will have so.much.work to do! But we feel like we’re ready to tackle something this big. Ask me in a few months and I may have a different opinion though! There are so many trees and overgrown shrubs that needs to be taken down. The  whole property just needs a lot of loving care and attention.

We feel so grateful for the opportunity to live here and make this place our home! And I’m so excited to share the journey with you guys on the blog. Look out for lots of before and after house makeovers coming up!

Wrapping up the week

This week was spent doing a lot of organizing in our house to get it ready to put on the market! It’s so exciting but nervewracking at the same time! We are still working on some small projects, touch-up painting, etc. before it’s ready. We were waiting on zoning approvals on the property we signed a contract for and just found out we got all the approvals we need! I’ll share more about the process next week! I don’t deal that well with major change, and we have a lot of change going on in our family this year, so it’s been stressful at times, but it will be worth it!

School starts next week. Eeeek!! On one hand, I know my kids are ready for more structure and a schedule, but on the other hand, it means that summer is just about gone. I’m trying to soak in as much of the sunshine and laid-back feeling as possible right now.PicMonkey CollageHere are some links you may want to check out //

This CNN story on China’s abandoned children had me in tears.

And oldie but goodie post from Jen Hatmaker about being the worst end of summer mom ever.

Secret to chalkboard calligraphy from Magnolia blog.


Instagram is my social media of choice. I love how visual it is, it doesn’t take much time to scroll through my feeds, and there is so much inspiration to be found!

I’ve found some new Instagram feeds recently, and you may want to check them out…

The Forever Farmhouse – simple farmhouse living from Australia

Ms Craftberrybush – she makes crazy beautiful things

Zevyjoy – I love her decorating style

Rebecca Plotnick – a travel photographer based in Paris

Yao Cheng – a talented and inspiring watercolor artist

All of their feeds are so inspiring! Although there are so many beautiful feeds out there, I’ve learned recently how to use the “unfollow” button a lot more regularly. Sometimes I find myself following people who I admire and they have beautiful photographs and do amazing work, but there is something about their feeds that make me feel like I don’t measure up and it causes me to fall into the comparison trap. I’ve found that it’s important for me to be careful about what I see and what I pay attention to, whether it’s on Instagram or Facebook or blogs. I don’t want to waste time looking at things that make me feel frustrated, annoyed, or just plain jealous. It’s just not worth it.

If you’d like to follow me on Instagram, I have two accounts. One for my personal photos @aimeesweaver.

ig personal

And one for my business @aimeeweaverdesigns.ig awd

I’d love for you to follow along! What are some of your favorite IG accounts?