In which I snap a bunch of pictures for no apparent reason


Sometimes I miss the old days of blogging when I had time on my hands, loads of fun housey-projects to work on, and the posts came easy. These days there just isn’t as much time in my day, but this afternoon I took time to snap some pictures of my favorite things…just because.












It snowed this morning, which is just crazy-town. Warm sunshine – we are ready for you! Come quickly!


Despite how it might appear from my blog, I do have a life other than painting signs. No, really, I do. :)

Last week we had SNOW. Once again. But it was really was so beautiful. Despite the temps this winter, I love that we live in such a pretty part of the country and that we get the best of all four seasons.



We took the kiddos to the Baltimore Aquarium for an evening and spent the night at a hotel close by. It was my kids’ first time ever sleeping in a hotel and in the words of Avery, “THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!”. Memories were made, fighting was done, little sleep was had by all, but the hotel’s indoor pool saved the day and there was much rejoicing.

3.28.14 2




We celebrated husband’s 37th birthday last week, and he went to an Oriole’s baseball game with a good friend who’s birthday happens to fall on the same day. When it comes to baseball, these two areĀ pretty much obsessed.



Then for their birthdays, we all went out for dinner to this place and had dessert here. It was such a fun, much-needed night out!



I’ve been in a thrifting mood lately and have found a few treasures at Goodwill. Like this vintage metal lamp. I mean, how can I resist even though I don’t really have a place for it?

photo (8)


BIG NEWS!! My little sister got engaged! So there will be lots of planning happening in the next few months to get ready for an August wedding!



In adoption news, we are still plugging away at our dossier (paperwork for China). Last week we got our fingerprints done at Immigration. Slowly but surely, we are making progress.



And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to clean up a mess that a certain little pig-tailed girl just made. Aren’t you jealous of my glamorous life?



Have a great week friends!

Hello Monday

Sign start each day1

Hello brand new week full of possibilities!

Hello coming up with new ideas for the shop!

Hello COLD weather. Isn’t it supposed to be Spring?

sign start each day4

Hello loads of laundry.

Hello computer problems. (yuk)

Hello dirty floors and (mostly) happy kids.

Hello Mumford on Pandora. So good.

sign start each day5

Hello thankful heart. We had a fundraiser for our adoption fund this weekend where we sold take-out meals to people at church, and it went SO WELL. Thanks to so many people helping and supporting us. It feels amazing. I also became an expert at baking sandwich rolls. And learned that these are the best.

sign start each day6

Hello new sign in the shop. It has hooks, so it’s perfect for hanging next to a door. I kinda love it. If you’re local, this particular one is for sale at the Flower & Home Marketplace. If you aren’t local, you can order it here.

Happy Monday friends! I’m linking up with Lisa Leonard for her “Hello Monday” series. Have an amazing day!

Some new signs and an sisterly interview

sign all of my life1

I added a few new signs to the shop this morning. This particular one was a custom order and isn’t in the shop, but if you are interested in more info, send me an email:

sign all of my life2

sign all of my life5

sign bass family4
This family sign is available in the shop here.

sign bass family1

sign in the morning1
And this one is available here.

sign in the morning3

Last week my sister Sara and I were interviewed for an article in the online magazine The Neighborlies. We talk about being entrepreneurs, how our parents influenced us, and who inspires us. We spent most of the time during the interview being dumb and laughing, but we managed to say a few intelligent things (I hope). Read it here.



I am seriously dreaming of spring-time and planting flowers and deciding if I’m going to plant a garden this year. How about you?

The Paisley Ribbon Shop

During our adoption journey we have been so blessed by the many people who have offered their prayers and support for our family, particularly from people whom we haven’t even met. Jodi Bates is one of those sweet people. She contacted me about partnering with her Etsy shop The Paisley Ribbon on March 13, and 25% of the revenue for that day will go toward our adoption fund.


Her shop carries adorable burp clothes and accessories. Here are some of my favorites…










If you’d like to support our adoption fund, visit Jodi’s shop on Thursday, March 13! I’ll post a reminder about it on my Facebook page on Thursday as well. If you don’t follow me on Facebook yet, click here to start.

Thank you Jodi and so many of you who have been so kind to our family!!

Recent Signs

sign be grateful3

Happy Friday friends! I thought I’d share some recent custom signs that I worked on and a few new signs that are in the shop today.

sign be grateful1

Sign it is well2

sign beloved god chose you1

sign break some bread3

The “Joy” sign (below) is now in the shop! I really love how this one turned out. As always, all the colors on my signs are customizable, so you can choose colors that fit your space.

sign joy comes in the morning2

And this one is in the shop too.

sign and like a flood3

This little business of ours is such an immense blessing to me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be creative and work from home with my kiddos and hubs. Have a great weekend!

A Sister’s Room Makeover

Ever since Violet was born three years ago, Avery has been looking forward to sharing a room with her little sister. I had to keep telling her that Violet was too small and she wasn’t ready, but finally, a few months ago, we made the transition. It took some adjusting (ie. Violet was over-the-top excited and would keep Avery awake with her bouncing and chattering), but they’ve adjusted and now love sharing a room.

I gave the room a little makeover to celebrate the transition. But honestly, it was just an excuse for me to putter around and change things a bit, because that’s what I do.




I went to Ikea a few weeks ago, and it was so good to me. I found lots of bargains for the room, including the cork board, round metal plate, and light. I bought the cardboard ampersand at Hobby Lobby, painted the sides, and covered the front with scrapbooking paper.

girls Collage

girls2 Collage

I also bought the shelves from Ikea, and the print in the frame is a free download from Lindsay Letters. It fits the room perfectly.


I made a bunch of tissue paper pom poms to hang over the dresser. The cute chevron storage bin came from Wal-Mart, of all places. It’s in their laundry section.



It melts my heart to see the girls sharing a room!! There is enough of an age difference between them that they get along really well, and Avery has a lot of patience with her little sister. My girls – I just love them.